Specification for 45CBM Dump Trailer with three axles

Specification for 45CBM Dump Trailer with three axles
Specification for 45CBM Dump Trailer with three axles
Length: Approx 10,500mm
Width: Approx 2,550 mm
Height: Approx 3,800mm @ unload
King Pin Location: Approx 1,000mm from the front face of the front bolster
Landing Gear location: 2,600mm behind the king pin location(no confirm)
Fifth wheel (King Pin) Height: Approx 1,353mm with the chassis level(no confirm)
Capacity: 45CBM
(The above dimension will be adjusted according to the tractor specification.)
Tare Weight (Tolerance 0~-4%): Approx 16,000 kg
Max. Payload: Approx 60,000 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight: Approx 76,000 kg
Steel Structure:
Material: High strength low alloy steel (350 MPa) is used for welded main beam and (235MPa) is used for welded fabricated parts.
Main Beam: Box structure with double web plate. Upper plate 12mm thick, bottom 14mm thick, double web 6mm thick each.
Carriage box: All welded steel structure, floor thickness 8mm, Side & front wall thickness 6mm re-enforced, with full welded stiffeners. Tail door is top hinged with spring loaded auto locking device.

OEM Parts Configuration:
King Pin: 2” bolting king pin. Made in China.
Landing Gear: Two speed road side winding with sand shoe. Lifting capacity is 28ton,static capacity is 50ton. Made in China.
Suspension: Reinforced Heavy Duty Mechanical suspension with equalizers 10-leaf spring(120mm width,13mm thickness). Made in China.
Axles: 150x150 square axle with 13 tons capacity. Type: Fenao. Made in China.
Rims: 8.5-20,12 pieces+1piece spare wheel. 10 hole Steel rim, Made in China.
Tires: 12.00R20, 12 pieces+1piece spare wheel. Chinese famous brand, such as triangle, Linglong, Chaoyang or Double star, chose by the factory.
Brake System: Dual air brake system, none ABS brake system.
Brake chamber: Type 30/30 on all axles.
Electrical System: 24 volt or 12volt lighting system, 7-way receptacle, ISO standard.
Hydraulic system: 5 stages cylinder installed on the chassis in the front of carriage box. Another 2 auxiliary cylinders on each side of the trailer to keep the safety(photo shows as below). Including all the kit of the hydraulic include the oil tanker, Valve, connecting pipe, But not provide the PTO.
Side guard: yes                         
Tool Box: None
Painting: Color by customer’s requirement.
1) All the details not mentioned above should comply with Chinese regulations.
2) These specifications are given as information. SINOTRUK reserves its right to change them without previous notice.

The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice.


  1. Q: Are you Dealer or Factory? A: We are the factory of SINOTRUK
  2. Q: I want to transport the truck by container, is it ok? A: Yes, it is ok. but we need take apart the truck and you should reinstall in your country.
  3. Q: How about your product quality? A: All the trucks are Original of SINOTRUK, the quality is 100% guaranteed
  4. Q: I want to be your agent in my country. is that ok? A: lt's ok, if your quantity is big, we will consider. 200 units for one year is ok.
  5. Q: How about your company's service, especially after-sale service? A: SINOTRUK has many aftersales service station over the world,and there are so many spare parts in the local market.
  6. Q: What is your payment terms? A: You can choose to the 30% prepaid and 70% paid before delivery
  7. Q:what is the production time? A: Delivery time: Within 30 workdays after received deposit
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