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SINOTRUK was listed on the main board of HKSE in 2007. Its parent company China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corp., Ltd. (SINOTRUK) is China's first heavy duty truck manufacturer, initially founded in 1956 and the cradle of China's heavy duty truck industry. It once manufactured China's first heavy duty truck; HUANGHE branded JN150 8-ton truck in 1960; and successfully introduced the STEYR heavy duty truck project from Austria and became China's first company to comprehensively introduce foreign heavy duty truck manufacturing technology of complete vehicle in 1983. In 2009, SINOTRUK formed its strategic partnership with German MAN Group, by which MAN held a 25%+1 stake in CHINA SINOTRUK INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED. SINOTRUK introduced 3 models (D20, D26 and D08) of engines, axles of medium duty and heavy duty trucks, and relevant technologies of complete vehicles from MAN, laying a solid foundation for corporate long-term growth. Today, SINOTRUK has developed into China's largest heavy duty truck manufacturing base and made significant contributions to the development of China's heavy duty truck industry and national economic growth.
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SINOTRUK has been adhering to implementing independent innovations, carrying out its leading strategy in technologies and building its core competitiveness with intellectual property rights. It has the most patents in China's automotive industry. SINOTRUK R&D Center is one of China's first national-level corporate technology centers, has a testing lab certified by China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratory (CNACL) and is capable of developing and testing complete vehicles, engines, parts, material technologies and other all-round R&D and testing capabilities. It's equipped with various state-of-the-art and precision equipment in processing, experiment and testing, of which the equipment related to engine, complete vehicle, vibration of parts and strength testing, etc. have reached world class level.
SINOTRUK mainly organizes the development, production and sale of various trucks, special vehicles, buses, special vehicles, refitted vehicles, special school buses, engines, spare parts, and special chassis. The main vehicle manufacturers are CNHTC Jinan Truck Co.,Ltd Jinan Truck Co., Ltd., Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jinan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jining Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Jinan Power Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Engine Company, with Jinan Bridge Box Company, Jinan Transmission Department and Datong Gear Company, have formed more than 2000 types of heavy trucks, medium trucks, light trucks, mining dump trucks, special vehicles and buses with the brand of SITRAK, HOWO A7,T7,HOWO, STEYR, YELLOW RIVER, HAOHAN, CDW, which have become the most complete driving form and power coverage in China's truck industry. Enterprises. China Heavy Automobile Manufactures WD615, D10 and D12 Diesel Engines of Domestic Advanced Level, T10 and T12 Gas Engines, MC11, MC13, MC05, MC07 Euro II-Euro V Emissions Engines of International Advanced Level, Power Coverage 140-560ps; World-class Serialized Single-Stage Reduction Bridge, Wheel-Side Reduction Bridge and 16.5-22.5 inch Disc Brake; Serialized Single Intermediate Shaft Synchronizer Transmission, Double Intermediate Axle transmission, 10, 12, 16-speed hand-in-one AMT transmission and other important components, constitute the world's advanced engine, pull clutch, gearbox, drive axle composed of the golden power industry chain. China Heavy Truck also has 3 automatic body stamping lines, 8 cab welding lines, 12 cab painting lines and 9 vehicle assembly lines.

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1956, Jinan General Auto Works Plant, the predecessor of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (SINOTRUK), is the cradle of China's heavy-duty truck industry. The works manufacturedChina's first heavy-duty truck - Huanghe JN150 8t truck in 1960, and introduced a heavy-duty truck project from Steyr in 1983 as China’s first enterprise that introduced heavy truck manufacturing technologies from abroad in an all-round manner. SINOTRUK was established following the reform and restructuring in 2001, and has become a domestic and overseas famous heavy-duty truck R & D and manufacturing conglomerate after a dozen years of development. We have initially built an international platform throughthe red-chip listing in Hong Kong in 2007; in 2009, we forged a strategic partnership with MAN whichholding a 25%+1 stake in SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited, and introduced D08, D20 and D26 engine technologies, medium & heavy-duty truck axle technologies and corresponding vehicle technologies, laying a solid foundation for our long-term development. To date, we have become China’s largest heavy truck manufacturing base that has made a remarkable contribution to the development of China's heavy-duty truck industry and economic construction.
Since after the reform and restructuring, we have persisted in independent innovation, vigorously implemented the strategy of leading in technology and built core competitiveness with independent intellectual property, thus becoming an enterprise with the most patents in China's auto industry. SINOTRUK Technical Development Center, among China's first group of national corporate technical center, has a testing laboratory accredited by the China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories, is capable of developing and testing vehicles, engines, parts and material processes, owns sophisticated processing and testing equipment, and has been up to advanced world standards in terms of equipment such as engine, vehicle, parts vibration and strength test equipment. In 2009, upon approval by the State, the National Heavy-duty Truck Engineering Research Center was inaugurated in SINOTRUK, which undertakes functions such as technical R & D, application demonstration, achievement popularization and technical service in China's heavy-duty truck industry.
We primarily organize the development, manufacturing and sale of trucks, special trucks, buses, special vehicles, engines and engine units, auto parts and special chassis. We have vehicle enterprises include SINOTRUK Jinan Truck Co., Ltd., SINOTRUK Jinan Commercial Truck Co., Ltd., SINOTRUK Jinan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Light-duty Truck Division; engine enterprises including SINOTRUK Jinan Power Co., Ltd. and SINOTRUK Hangzhou Engine Co., Ltd.; an axle enterprise - SINOTRUK Jinan Axle & Transmission Co., Ltd.; as well as transmission enterprises including Jinan Transmission Division and Datong Gear Co., Ltd. We have become an all-series commercial vehicle conglomerate with brands such as Sitrak, Howo, Steyr, Huanghe Commander, Gold Prince, Hohan, Wangpai, Folor, Wero, as well as an enterprise with the most complete range of drive types and powers in China’s heavy truck industry. Our important assemblies, including domestically advanced D10 and D12 diesel engines, T10 and T12 gas engines and internationally advanced MC05, MC07, MC11 and MC13 Europe II-V engines range from 140hp to 580hp in terms of power; world-class single-stage serialized reduction axles, wheel reduction axles and 16.5in-22.5in disc brakes; serialized single-countershaft synchronizer-mounted transmissions, twin-countershaft transmissions, and AMTs with 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 16 gears, have formed a golden power industry chain consisting of world advanced engines, pull clutches, transmissions and drive axles. Also, we have 3 automatic body stamping lines, 8 cab welding lines, 12 cab painting lines and 9 vehicle assembly lines, whose equipment have been up to advanced international standards.
With overwhelming superiorities in technology and market in the heavy-duty truck industry, we have achieved substantial sales at home and abroad, and exported products to over 90 countries, thus being accredited as a national vehicle export base by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce. Also, we have claimed titles such as "National Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization", "National Civilized Entity", "Chinese Famous Product", "Chinese Outstanding Innovative Enterprise", "China's Most Credible Enterprise" and "China's First Group of 2A Enterprises in Quality and Credit Management".
Our work idea for 2013 and beyond: vigorously implementing the great project of "second business startup", pushing forward the new rise in the level of international and domestic operation networks, new achievements in building capacity through quality brand, the new mode of building the mechanism of cost reduction and benefit increase, and the new creation of strengthening management, refining processes, preventing risks and developing sustainably, and constantly composing new chapters of scientific development, thus achieving new success.
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