22CBM Half Pipe Tipper Trailer with 2 Axles

22CBM Half Pipe Tipper Trailer with 2 Axles
                                 22CBM Half Pipe Tipper Trailer with 2 Axles
parameter dimension(mm) length×width×height:9294×2500×3190
Inner dimension(mm) length×width×height:8,440x2,300x1,260
king pin setting(mm) 1283
fifth wheel height(mm) The height will be adjusted according to the tractor specification
tare weightkg 7400
payload kg 30000
fabric main beam(mm) factory standard
flange and web(mm) factory standard
Body Side wall: 3mm,Floor: 5/6mm
Paint primer + top coat, factory standard
OEM landing gear Double speed,19”, 30T,factory standard
Kingpin 2” ,factory standard
brake system Dual air brake system,30/30 type on rear two axles, 30 on front axles, with brake valve, factory standard  
Suspension Mechanical suspension, option by factory.
Axle FUWA 13T, ISO10 Holes, two pcs
Tire 12R22.5 , equip 8 per chassis, option by factory.
Rim 9.0*22.5, equip 8 per chassis, option by factory.
tool box one set on right side, 1 set
spare tire carrier equipped 1 sets per chassis, without spare tyre
Hydraulic system HYVA 179.
color   By customer’s requirement.
  • “LONG VEHICLE” sign on the rear end.
  • LED lights, equip side turn light. 
  • Nameplate: English model 
  • The customer rebuild the tractor to connect with the tractor by themselves.

The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice.

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