14m Goose neck Curtain Side Semi Trailer With 3 Axles

14m Goose neck Curtain Side Semi Trailer With 3 Axles
14m Goose neck Curtain Side Semi Trailer With 3 Axles
Dimension (Approx):
External Dimensions:
Length: Approx 14,000 mm
Width: Approx 2,500 mm (including mud guard)
Height: Approx 4,200mm
King Pin Location: Approx 750mm from the front face of the front bolster
Axle spacer: Approx 9,152 mm+1,360mm+1,360mm
Landing Gear location: 2,440mm behind the king pin location
Fifth wheel (King Pin) Height: Approx 1,315mm with the chassis level
Internal Dimensions:
Length: Approx 13650mm
Width: Approx 2,400 mm
Height: Approx Front 2,700mm, Rear 3175mm(not confirmed)
Steel Structure:
Main Beam Material: High Tensile strength steel T700 is used for welded I-beam, Q345 and Q235 is used for the fabricated parts.
Top Flange:12mm
Bottom Flange:12mm
Web: 6mm.
Platform: checkered steel floor, the thickness is 3mm.
Front End Wall:
Front Frame: Steel Frame, Corner steel post.
Front End Wall: Steel Sheet .
Rear End Door
Rear Frame: Steel Frame
Rear Door: two doors
Side Wall Assembly:
Top Track: Al track.
Side Wall: Curtain.
Curtain Rubber Tape: Waterproof fabric better.
Sliding Post: 2 units per side
Made of aluminum, thickness 1mm.
Fence(Gate): 12 units, 2m tall.
Tare Weight (Tolerance 0~-4%): Approx 10,500 kg
Max Payload: Approx 30,000 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight: Approx 40,500 kg
OEM Parts Configuration:
King Pin: 2” bolted exchangable king pin. Brand: JOST. Made in China.
Landing Gear: 2 speed, Linked action, one side operated, rocket feet. Rated Lift Load Capacity: 30T. Rated Ultimate Load Capacity:80T.
Suspension: Air suspension, Chinese famous brand. Type: L1, without lifting.
Axles: 13 tons square axle.
Rims: 9.00-22.5, equip 13 per chassis. ISO standard, 10 holes.
Tires: 12R22.5, equip 13 per chassis, Chinese famous brand.
Brake System: Dual air brake system, WABCO relay valve, with ABS system.
Brake chamber: Type 30/30 on the all axles.
Electrical System: 24volt lighting system, 7-way receptacle, ISO standard.
Side guard: None.
Fence(Gate) Carrier: Yes.
Tool Box: None.
Spare Tire Carrier: 2 pcs with crank handle.
Marking: Technical data plate including chassis no, dead weight, year of manufacturing etc. to be fitted
Painting: colored by customer’s request            
Water tank: None
Reflector: one roll put in container, customer stick according to local law.

The manufacturer have the right for making the technical alterations or changes for better improvement without prior notice.

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