Tan Xuguang: We will fully promote the demand-oriented busin

2020-01-04 09:30

Tan Xuguang: We will fully promote the demand-oriented business system and offer customers whatever they want.
On November 24, the 2020 
SINOTRUK Business Conference and Supplier Conference were held in Jinan. Mr. Tan Xuguang, SINOTRUK Party Committee Secretary and Chairman, attended and made a speech during the event.

During the Business Conference, Mr. Tan Xuguang summed up the achievements made by SINOTRUK in the past year,in terms of reform breakthrough, cost reduction & efficiency improvement, innovation & reserved talents development, ecological optimization, etc., and expounded the gratifying changes in SINOTRUKs marketing system over the past yearfrom the perspectives of demand-orientation, quick response, assessment & incentive, fine management, etc.

How will SINOTRUK create more value for distributors in the future? Mr. Tan Xuguang gives his answers from four aspects:

1.Make further efforts in tracking what customers need and continuously optimize business policies and response rules.

2. Give full play to the advantages of resources and provide more competitive high-end products.

3. Optimize the marketing network and establish a deeply-integrated community of common future.

4. Strengthen the QINREN service brand and establish an agile, efficient and perfect service system.

Mr. Tan Xuguang presented awards to 20 marketing outstanding contributors, and the representatives of the award-winning distributors and modification facilities made sharing speeches respectively.

At the SINOTRUK 2020 Supplier Conference in the afternoon, Mr. Tan Xuguang summarized the performance in the past year, affirmed the positive changes in SINOTRUK’s supplier system in the past year, and presented awards to 10 Gold Medal suppliers.

How to establish a high-end, efficient and high-quality supplier system for SINOTRUK in the future? Mr. Tan Xuguang puts forward four major requirements:

1. Select the superior and eliminate the inferior continuously, thereby establishing an agile and efficient supplier system

2. Make further efforts in open cooperation, thereby establishing an international high-end supplier system

3. Reform in quality management, thereby establishing a supplier system that pursues excellence.

4. Promote the Sunlight-style procurement, thereby establishing a fair and transparent supplier system

Mr. Tan Xuguang said that SINOTRUK will achieve the 3 x 200,000 strategic goal by 2025: to stabilize the domestic sales volume of heavy trucks to 200,000 units, the domestic sales volume of middle/light trucks to 200,000 units, and the domestic sales volume of light commercial vehicles to 200,000 units. In order to achieve this goal, SINOTRUK will allocate higher-quality resources, continuously improve market competitiveness, and fully promote the demand-oriented business system to offer customers whatever they want!