HOWO T7H 6×4 tractor

2019-04-04 10:56
From the famous European, beautiful, luxurious, comfortable, Masculinity

China National Heavy Duty Truck fully introduced the MAN complete vehicle technology, and customized the T7H/6×4 tractor “Truck Star” for domestic standard-loaded customers.

High value, relying on "seven super"

1.Ultra-high load-standard design, the chassis weight is lighter (up to 8.1 tons), and the saddle height is as low as 1210mm.
2, super reliable - engine B10 life of 1.5 million kilometers, and the global parts supply system synchronized with Man, the product release is completely based on the German Mann standard.
3, ultra-low fuel consumption - low wind resistance design of the cab + adjustable large flow guide to achieve the lowest fuel consumption. XXX Province Longkou Logistics Company, with a total weight of 49 tons, a speed of 80-90km/h, and a fuel consumption of 30-31L/100km, is comparable to imported cars.
4, super high aging - high horsepower + small speed ratio (2.85), the maximum speed of 110km / h, domestic heavy trucks are far behind. High-strength continuous operation capability, continuous running mileage of more than 1000 km / day. Beijing Topow Logistics Company, from Beijing to Urumqi, 3,300 kilometers, arrived in 48 hours, more than 1,500 kilometers per day.
5, super safety - cab collision indicators according to the most stringent Swedish standards, standard engine exhaust valve brake EVB.
6, super comfortable - with high floor and high top width (internal space is 1.9 meters high) + wide sleeper 960mm + four-point airbag suspension cab + airbag seat, giving you an unparalleled driving experience.
7. Super intelligence——“Wisdom heavy truck, controlled by me”, China National Heavy Duty Truck Intelligent Communication System is a successful application of vehicle networking technology in Man products, which can realize the information management of user vehicle operation.