440 horsepower! Howo Super Power 8×4 Dump Truck

2019-03-27 14:57
China National Heavy Duty Truck launched the Howo 8×4 dump truck equipped with advanced MC11 engine for power upgrade demand. The first single brand in China has over a million classic models, matching the 440-horsepower MC11 engine, and the classic HOWO dump truck has been reborn.


★ Main configuration
HW76 cab; MC11.44-50 engine; HW25712XS gearbox + HW50 direct-coupled power take-off; HF9 self-adjusting arm front axle (drum); AC16 self-adjusting arm double rear axle (drum); double-decker frame (8 +8/300); ZF8118 steering machine; 400L fuel tank; China National Heavy Duty Truck Intelligent Edition B version.

★ More powerful
Based on the mature chassis of HOWO-7 classic dump truck, it is equipped with MC11 engine to build the most cost-effective dump truck in China, meeting the demand for large horsepower dump trucks.
★ Longer life cycle
he life of the B11 of the MC11 engine is 1.5 million kilometers, the long oil change interval mileage, the engine 40,000 (mining vehicle 20,000) to change the engine oil, improve the service life of the whole vehicle, and lead the new trend of heavy-duty road dump trucks

★ Vehicle configuration higher end
—— Advanced MC11 engine with high torque at low speed and maximum torque of 2100N•m;
——The most mature HW engineering special transmission in China, the main box double intermediate shaft, the auxiliary box planetary gear, the head speed ratio is large;
——AC16 engineering bridge with multiple speed ratio, medium and rear axle speed ratio 4.77, 5.45, 6.5.
——The heavy-duty version of the model can be equipped with the latest optimized design of the overall three-layer super frame (8+8+8/318).

More secure performance
——The main body of the cab is a solid steel frame structure. It is solid and firm, and has strong anti-impact and anti-external pressure. It has passed the strict collision test and the safety performance has been tested.——欧洲同步的EVB辅助制动;
——Internationally renowned WABCO brake system;
- Internationally renowned ZF steering system.

★ Family service is more intimate
A full range of parts supply services, 31 parts center library, 66 parts supply center, perfect service network system, the most "friendly" service, to ensure vehicle attendance, reduce vehicle costs, and extend vehicle life.