Sinotruk Targeting at 180,000 Units

2019-03-11 13:44

Recently, Sinotruk holds a half-year marketing promotion conference to summery the marketing system in the first half year and make plans for the second half year in terms of core route and important measures. About 500 Sinotruk distributors attend the meeting chaired by secretary of the Party committee of Sinotruk company Wei Zhihai.

At the conference, general manager of Sinotruk Caidong addresses a keynote speech regarding “deepening brand marketing and enhancing end promotion”. In the first half year, under the circumstances of a better macro economic environment and a stable growth of investment in fixed assets, Sinotruk’s marketing system makes active move and improves the marketing capacity by deepening brand marketing, enhance end promotion and improving timeliness of backup supplies. In the first half year, Sinotruk sells 86,000 units, 350,000 are sold to Shandong province, laying a solid foundation to realize the whole year’s marketing target. 53% of the annual target is finished and the market share is 10.3%, 1% higher than that in the same period of 2012.

General Manager Caidong makes an analysis on the market in the second half year: the macro economic environment remains stable, and the market demand is estimated to be 430,000 HD trucks, 8% higher year on year. The market demand in the whole 2013 is around 980,000 units.

According to the market demands and performance in the first half year, Sinotruk sets its annual target at 180,000 units. For Shandong province, the sales target in the second half year will be 70,000 units, around 13.2% market share, 2.3% higher than the first half year.

Deputy general manager and secretary of Party committee Yunqingtian says the company will launch new HOWO T7H tractor and continue to provide dealers with improved HOWO dump trucks and other competitive and high-quality products. At the same time, he hopes Sinotruk dealers can improve sales volumes, increase market share, and raise profits through enhancing product planning, deepening end promotion and expanding derived business.

At the meeting, Shandong Jixin Automobile Trading Co., Ltd as an excellent dealer shares their valuable experience and classic cases.