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Technical equipment leading in domestic market

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■ Technical equipment leading in domestic market




NS-07 new stabilizing suspension CAN bus intellectual electric control system

The suspension, with new structure and connected with international technology  is divided into construction vehicle and highway vehicle.


Intellectual electric control system, the domestic original, can realize the monitoring to vehicle running status, controlling of intellectual low temperature start to air intake heating system, displaying of digital information to the combined instrument and self inspection functions.
New battery box New electric connectors

New designed battery box can reduce the weight and make it more beautiful. It is used on the exported vehicle broadly.






The vehicle adopts self-developed new technology of the connectors which meet the international level avoiding the problem of non-matching with the connector produced by different suppliers

Double pipe cyclone air duct

Oil bath air filtering device

Normal highway vehicle adopts double pipe cyclone air duct filtering device + normal air filter.







The construction dumper adopts double pipe cyclone air intake duct filtering device + oil bath air filtering device, which can improve the phenomenon of engine early worn and oil burning obviously when the vehicle works in a bad environment.
Quick insert connector in the brake pipeline Vertical muffler

The brake pipeline, by adopting the world advanced quick insert connector, increases the air tight performance and prolongs the pressure keeping time for the brake system.




New developed vertical muffler provides more choices to the customers.
Combined pedals Reinforced rim for tipper specially

New combined pedals make the structure more reasonable and the functions more perfect.







Our company launched reinforced tipper rim with HQ mark recently. this rim adopts new material and new structure with the number of wheel hand hole changing to 10 from 5.
New propeller shaft Aluminum alloy fuel tank
The teeth of the connection disc are 180mm which make the torque transfer ability, reliability and interchangeability better; the diameter of the shaft pipe is φ120mm that can meet the requirement of transferring big torque. Our company provides 400L D shape and 300L square aluminum alloy fuel tank for different vehicle type and for different transportation distance. It accords with the international prevailing trend.

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