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Luxury, great and movement appearance

Product Highlight

■ Luxury, great and movement appearance

High safety design

High efficient and comfortable ergonomic space

Technical equipment leading in domestic market



Vehicle apperance Great and vivid posture

HOWO is luxury and great with European style based on the world heavy duty truck development trend and combined the taste of domestic customers.



The special molding with flying wing-like waist line makes the heavy duty truck to be great, vivid and powerful.

Wind deflector and side wind deflector Brand marks

HW76 median and long cab are equipped with big wind deflector of 2m long and 1.6m wide; and the side wind deflector is optional, which can decrease the wind resistance efficiently to realize fuel saving effect.


Decent and obvious mark is a typical of high quality and family status.

Headlamp with popular crystal shell Multi-function combined rear lamp

New designed headlamp is harmonious with the cab molding and makes the cab more vivid. It adopts the international popular crystal lamp shell with high brightness, strong penetrability and long life (HID lamp is optional). The lamp cabin is rotatable so it is easy to be maintained.

Combined rear lamp assembly, has seven functions with compact structure and reasonable design, beautiful and practical. It is more firmly with a multipoint connecting bracket.

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