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High safety design

Product Highlight

Luxury, great and movement appearance

■ High safety design

High efficient and comfortable ergonomic space

Technical equipment leading in domestic market



High strength cab body Frame for front under-protection

The body is integral steel structure and it is welded by the fully automatic robot welding line, so it is firm, stable and with high performance to strike and oppression from outside force; thus it can decrease the harm to the driver when there is a collision.


It is equipped with domestic advanced front under-protection frame to protect the vehicle front and passerby effectively if there is a frontal collision.
Rearview mirror and lower view mirror Cab anti-rolling stabilizing device

The design idea of every mirror is connected to that of international heavy duty truck: rearview mirror with big visual field, right hand road surface mirror and front lower view mirror provide broad visual angle to the driver; so the driver can hold the driving environment completely to guarantee safety driving.


The domestic only cab anti-rolling stabilizing device can solve the transverse stabilizing problem during vehicle running and guarantee the safety running further.

Rear protection device Big curved surface windscreen

New designed rear anti-digging protection device accords with the regulation requirement and it can reduce the hurt to the driver and passenger inside of the vehicle efficiently when there is a rear-end.



Domestic the widest big curved surface front windscreen gives the driver best visual field.
Big rear window    

There is a 600mm×400mm big rear window for high roof and long cab, which make it convenient for the driver observing the situations behind of the cab with plenty of sunlight inside of the cab.



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