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High efficient and comfortable ergonomic space

Product Highlight

Luxury, great and movement appearance

High safety design

■ High efficient and comfortable ergonomic space

Technical equipment leading in domestic market



Ergonomic space layout concept High grade combined instrument panel

The instrument panel is designed based on human engineering principle, which embodies the ergonomic idea-all the operational components are within reach. 




High grade combined instrument panel with big LCD and complete functions has a good appearance. All the traveling data about the vehicle running status and failures are displayed clearly.

Sedan like steering wheel Convenient reading lamp

The steering wheel is the sedan type making of soft plastic material with better hand feeling. It is adjustable forward and backward ±5°, upward and downward 25mm to fit for different size of driver.




There are multi-position arranged reading lamp that provides convenience for book reading and onboard working with smart design and better lighting performance.

Berth Oversize glove box

The berth of HOWO heavy duty truck is 600mm wide. It has aluminum alloy framework with light weight and better rigidity, which can relieve the fatigue efficiently. And the upper berth can be lifted to any angle.



HW79 high roof cab is equipped with luxury and big glove box, which is the biggest one in China; the basic configuration of the high roof cab includes onboard fridge.

New seat-patent technology Front working pedal

The design of the new seat is the only one in China, which embodies the human engineering principle. There is electrical heating device inside of the cushion and backrest. High backrest with air cushion on the waist position , the upper side is adjustable.


There is a special pedal, used for the customer to step on to clean the front windscreen, which can be turned in the middle of front bumper.

Four points floating air suspension Door and steps

The cab of highway vehicle adopts domestic original four points floating air suspension shock absorbing device to realize the optimal shock absorbing under many kinds of road conditions; it is stable and comfortable and can reduce the fatigue of the driver efficiently securing the driving safety.


Particular door opening and closing mechanism; 90°maximum door opening angle; two side handles and two anti-slip stainless steel steps, which make the door opening and vehicle getting on/off more safety, convenient and ergonomic.

Special in cab ventilation system Easy to be manipulated sun roof

The design of in cab ventilation system is a domestic original. It can keep the air cycled inside of the cab with the door and windows closed through front and rear panel ventilation port; the heating air ducts reach to both sides doors for defrosting to the windows quickly.


It allows the air exchanging between outside and inside.

Oversize tool box Cooling and heating AC system
There is a 180L oversize tool box on the side of the driver of the body. It is convenient for the driver keeping all kinds of tools. The vehicles with power above 290PS are equipped with sedan AC system, which is power controlled to control the temperature automatically.

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