Service information systems

All current truck OEMs use online service information systems (SIS). Most prefer that the first step in any troubleshooting procedure is to log on to their online SIS whether they are working on an electronic engine or one of an earlier vintage. Some examples of engine OEM SIS are:

Caterpillar Service Information System or SIS

Cummins QuickServe Online or QSOL (or just QS)

Detroit Diesel/Mercedes Benz DDDL (Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link)

Freightliner ServiceLink (ServiceLit)

Mack Trucks Electrical Information System (EIS)

Navistar International Service Information System or ISIS

Paccar ServiceNet


Most OEM service information systems are updated daily. They tend to be easy to navigate. Technicians should learn how to use the Web site search engines. In most cases, information searches are by engine serial number and may include searches of the parts data. It is important to note that most online SIS support engines manufactured before the Web site service existed so try to make a habit of using it.

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