The skills required to manage a business are quite different from those required to repair equipment. It is a fact that talented mechanical brains have often failed miserably as self-employed technicians, whereas others possessing much lower levels of skills have succeeded. Good truck and diesel technicians are much sought after, so surely they should succeed in self-employment. It is, however, essential to remember that the skills required of a good business person and those required of a good technician are often in conflict. Working for yourself rather than others can sound like a great option, but caution and some self-examination are required.

Self-employed technicians who have succeeded have done so because they understood the challenges required of running a business before getting into it.

Successful self-employed technicians often owe that success to a partner who looks after the financial aspects of running a business—or to having had the foresight to have taken business administration courses before starting into the venture. Remember this: Understand what you are getting into upfront because it is almost impossible to learn business practices on the fly.