Rolltek rollover protection

Another SRS option on current trucks is a rollover protection system. The RollTek rollover protection system is designed to work in conjunction with a seat belt. It can be used on both the driver and passenger seats of a truck. When a seat is equipped with RollTek a sensor is mounted in the seat base. The sensor connects to the RollTek module that can activate two outputs:

A side-roll air bag

A seat pull-down device

When the RollTek module senses a rollover condition, it triggers gas cylinders located in the base of the seat. Once triggered, the gas cylinders activate power cinches that tighten the lap and shoulder belts against the occupant while at the same time lowering the seat. This tightening action moves the occupant down and away from the steering wheel and cab ceiling. As the seat is pulled into its lowest position, a side-roll air bag deploys on the outboard side of the seat.

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