Remove the Upper and Lower Countershaft Bearings

To remove the main shaft assembly, only the upper countershaft bearings need to be removed. This procedure will damage the bearings and should not be performed unless bearing replacement is planned.

1. To prevent the main shaft pilot from falling out of the input shaft pocket, temporarily install the auxiliary drive gear on the main shaft.

2. Remove the snapring from each countershaft rear groove.

3. Remove the bearing retainer bolts on the front countershaft. Install the countershaft pusher tool (Eaton special tool T8) to the studs on the front of the case. Push the countershaft back as far as it will go.

4. Use a bearing puller to remove the rear bearing from the countershaft and discard the bearing.

5. Remove the countershaft pusher tool from the front countershaft.

6. From the rear of the main case, drive each countershaft as far forward as possible to expose the external snapring.

7. Use an appropriate bearing puller to remove the countershaft front bearings.

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