Pro-Link iQ

The Pro-Link iQ is a more powerful handheld generic diagnostic reader/programmer. It is somewhat limited in its ability to network with some of the more recent engine management systems but can be useful when working with Bendix and WABCO brake electronics and Allison transmissions. Proprietary software can be downloaded to the Pro-Link iQ via the Internet (and a fee), but it is important to check whether the diagnostics downloaded are compatible with the generation of on-board software you want to diagnose.

The Pro-Link iQ uses a large touch screen. The instrument is enabled for a heavy-duty standard read capability so it is useful as a first-level diagnostic tool, especially in general service facilities with no OEM software support. The touch screen is icon- and menudriven, requiring a minimal level of technical skills to navigate those data bus systems it can access. The kit comes with 6- and 9-pin Deutsch connectors to connect to the chassis data bus, and wireless connectivity is imminent.

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