Multifunctional handheld diagnostic tools

when we examined just the battery testing capabilities of this multifunctional, handheld diagnostic tool. This EST boasts a broad range of electrical circuit troubleshooting capabilities and there are other similar examples. Any technician who specializes in electrical diagnostics will find this type of multifunction tool invaluable. Its features include:

Alphanumeric keypad, icons, and scroll navigation

DMM with temperature evaluation and scope mode

Battery conductance testing

Cranking circuit testing

Charging circuit testing

Digital signal processing (DSP) to analyze both the amplitude and frequency of ripple patterns to identify open or shorted diodes and open-phase conditions

Conductance cable testing for detailed analysis of voltage drop conditions

Data read/write transfer via SD card for easy updates

Print option

Graphical display window with icon-driven menu options

At this moment in time the Midtronics EXP is recommended by two of the truck OEMs for chassis voltage electrical tests of batteries, cranking circuits, and charging circuits. Regardless of what brand of truck you are working on, technicians can increase diagnostic accuracy and reduce troubleshooting time using this type of tool.

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