Proper lubrication is one of the keys to a good preventive maintenance program. Maintaining the correct transmission oil level and ensuring that the oil is of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-specified quality are both critical to ensure that a transmission achieves its expected service life.

Most standard transmissions are splash lubricated internally. Splash lubrication works by having some of the rotating components turn in a bath of oil in the sump. Some of this oil is picked up by gear teeth and used to splash lubricate those that are not in direct contact with the lube. Some transmissions also use a pump to help circulate oil to critical wear areas on the transmission that are not effectively lubricated by splash.

Standard transmission lubrication requirements will be properly met if the following procedures are observed:

1. Use the correct grade and type of oil.

2. Change the oil on schedule.

3. Maintain the correct oil level and inspect it regularly.

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