Install the Auxiliary Section

1. If not previously installed, install the output yoke or flange and the output nut. The yoke should slide on and stop before contacting the speedometer rotor. As the output shaft nut is installed, the output yoke will contact the speedometer rotor. Torque the output nut to specification.

2. Install the dowel pins to the specified depth; usually 3/8 to 1/2 inch of the shoulder on the pins should remain visible.

3. Ensure that the auxiliary section is in low gear. If not, use a pair of large screwdrivers to apply even, rearward pressure to move the range sliding clutch backward into the low gear position.

4. Ensure that the auxiliary countershaft plates are installed.

5. If the shiftbar housing is installed, ensure that the range bar lock cover is rotated counterclockwise into the unlock position. Newer units have removed the lock cover so the shiftbar housing must remain off until the range cylinder and auxiliary sections are assembled.

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