Hazardous materials

Heavy-duty truck repair work involves use of many materials classified as hazardous by both state and federal governments. These materials include such items as solvent and cleaners, paint and body repair products, adhesives, acids, coolants, and refrigerant products.

Hazardous materials are those that could cause harm to a person’s well-being. Hazardous materials can also damage and pollute land, air, or water. There are four types of hazardous waste:

FlammableFlammable materials easily catch fire or explode.

CorrosiveCorrosive materials are so caustic that they can dissolve metals and burn the skin and eyes.

ReactiveReactive materials will become unstable (burn, explode, or give off toxic vapors) if mixed with air, water, heat, or other materials.

Toxic—Toxic materials can cause illness or death after being inhaled or upon contacting the skin.