Employee/Employer Obligations

Familiarize yourself with the material safety data sheet (MSDS). This MSDS is for the substance we know as caustic soda. It is used as a cleaning agent and is commonly dissolved into waterbased solutions in shop hot soak tanks. Knowing something about the MSDS helps prevent injuries because it teaches you to work safely with potentially dangerous substances. An employer or school that uses hazardous materials must:

Provide a safe workplace.

Educate employees about the hazardous materials they will encounter while on the job.

Recognize, understand, and use warning labels and MSDS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems—WHMISs).

Provide personal protective clothing and equipment and train employees to use them properly. You, the employee or student, must:

Read the warning labels on the materials.

Follow the instructions and warnings on the MSDS or WHMIS.

Take the time to learn to use protective equipment and clothing.

Use common sense when working with hazardous materials.

Ask the service manager if you have any questions about a hazardous material.