Electronic System Controller

The ESC is used to manage data bus activity on the International Trucks system. The logic and programming that is specific to the operation of the data bus is logged in the ESC module.

The ESC-managed data bus enables a range of optional features to be added to the truck by checking boxes on a computer screen or by dragging and dropping graphics on a virtual electronic wiring diagram displayed on the EST screen. After adding options to the chassis electronics, International requires that users access their data hub and upload the modified data files. As with any other type of modification to the vehicle files, the purpose is to make any new or modified files available to other service facilities and technicians.

International Trucks, in common with other OEMs, is currently working on enabling satellite communications to network their data hub with the chassis data bus electronics. This could eliminate the hard-wire requirement for upload and download transactions with the International data hub. The system would function similarly to the fleet satellite communications in current use.

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