CVSA Inspections

The mandate of the CVSA is to establish uniformity for truck inspections across North America. There are seven types of inspections, classified as L1 thru L7, but the one that truck technicians should understand is known as an L1 inspection. It consists of thirty-seven steps and can take an inspector between 15 and 45 minutes to perform. Other L inspections involve such things as driver inspections and driver credential inspections. All CVSA inspections are logged electronically by the inspector who must upload them to the CVSA database within 21 days. An access program known as Query Central enables access to this record-keeping database to maintain transparency.

DOT annual inspections have been mandatory since 1988. “Random” roadside inspections are not necessarily random. Electronic screening is available in some areas, allowing trucks with transponders to bypass inspection stations. In the year 2008 the CVSA published the following data:

Of vehicles inspected, 23 percent are issued with OOS citations.

The average repair time required to correct an

OOS citation is 8.7 hours.

Of truck crashes, 30 percent are equipment related. Drivers and technicians should familiarize themselves with the CVSA OOS criteria. It makes sense for service facilities to ensure that a current copy of the CVSA OOS criteria is available as a technician reference.

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