Air Bag Installation

A new air bag assembly must be considered to be armed and potentially dangerous. Once again, you should always consult the OEM installation guidelines before installing the assembly. If the air bag was previously deployed, you must carefully inspect the clockspring for signs of melting or other damage. If damage has occurred you will have to remove the steering wheel and replace the clockspring. To install the new air bag, use the following procedure:

1. Connect the steering wheel switch connector and the connector from the air bag module. Carefully position the air bag module into the module steering wheel cavity.

2. Install and torque the air bag module fasteners at the base of the steering wheel.

3. Reconnect the batteries.

4. Turn the ignition key-on.

5. Connect an EST with FTL ServiceLink to check for active codes.

6. If there are any chassis active codes, troubleshoot and deactivate them.

7. Use ServiceLink to erase any inactive/historic codes.

8. Cycle the ignition key. If the SRS indicator goes out after the self-check sequence and there are no active codes, the air bag module is armed and ready.

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