Absorbed glass mat batteries Applications

Unlike flooded cell batteries, AGM batteries can also be used in any position, which makes them useful in rough terrain applications such as required in heavy offhighway equipment. In extreme duty applications such as in military use, the plate envelopes are manufactured very thin, which provides them with even better vibration tolerance. Motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) have used AGM batteries for a number of years due to the added safety provided in the event of a rollover. They can be charged and discharged quite rapidly providing maximum charge voltages are not exceeded. AGM advantages are:

Around the same cost as gel cell (three times higher than flooded cell)

All the electrolyte is contained in the glass mats so are spillproof even if broken

Nonhazardous, meaning that shipping and storage costs are lower

Immune from freezing due to no liquid to freeze and expand

Low internal resistance so almost no heating of the battery takes place even under heavy charge and discharge currents

Store well because of low self-discharge typically from 1 to 3 percent per month

Withstand shock and vibration better than flooded cell batteries

Produce no fumes or leakage

Can withstand arctic-type temperatures without damage

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